In this overview, you can find some research, analyses and studies about Berlin’s gaming industry and gaming related topics. Some studies are not limited to Berlin and are about the German market.


The Computer and Video Games Industry in Berlin (in German)

A study by the Forschungs- und Kompetenzzentrum Audiovisuelle Produktion of the Hamburg Media School, on behalf of the initiative “Projekt Zukunft” from the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises about the Computer and Video Game Industry in Berlin.

by Projekt Zukunft (March 2018) 


Games Industry in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

Berlin is a place where startups work alongside established game developers and where political institutions, federal associations and networks have their headquarters. International industry conferences and events attract professionals in the creative fields, investors and specialists from around the globe. Berlin is also home to a pool of young talent, trained in the region.

by Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie, Wirtschaftsförderung Land Brandenburg, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Projekt Zukunft (2018)


3D Sound Increases the Immersion of Moving Images Considerably – but Which Format is the Right One?

On behalf of ARTE, House of Research has analysed developments in the 3D sound technology market. They are of importance for the cinema, the home electronics market and especially for the streaming of moving images: 360° video and virtual reality applications are becoming considerably more immersive due to 3D sound. The study is based in particular on interviews with key international market players and experts from research and industry.

by House of Research (May 2019)


Virtual and Augmented Reality (in German)

The market for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is evolving quickly. In 2016, more than 1.8 billion US-Dollar were invested in VR-companies worldwide. Virtual and Augmented Reality – Inventory and Best Practises.

by Projekt Zukunft (March 2018)


Study on the provider market for VR, AR & MR in Germany

A coalition of all German trade associations in the industry has now published the first “VR/AR Market Report Germany Q1 2020“. In addition to some basic data on the industry, it provides a comprehensive reference work on the relevant players and providers in Germany and gives a regionally structured overview.

by House of Research (July 2020)


Reason why Berlin

With around 270 games companies, Berlin is the capital of games in Germany. From startups to international players and many medium-sized tech businesses in between, the city offers developers the chance to work on some of the world’s most innovative projects. Find out more about what the city offers for players and professionals.