About 350 companies in all fields of the games industry are based in the capital region, 176 of which in the core market (developers and publishers). This means that around one fifth of Germany's games companies is located in the capital region. Around 2,600 employees work in the core market, and around 4.150 in the games sector in total. This means that 22 percent of all employees in the German games industry work in Berlin-Brandenburg. The core market in Berlin-Brandenburg had total sales of €446 million in 2021. This corresponds to around 12 percent of the total sales of the industry in Germany. The capital region has 21  public institutions and 30 federal institutions to offer in the games sector.(The Berlin-Brandenburg location is valued above all for its good networking opportunities. (Information from the study "Games-Industry in Berlin-Brandenburg", April 2023)

The diversity of the games industry in Berlin - an overview:



The gamesmap is an online directory for the computer and video games industry in Germany created by the game, the German Games Industry Association. An interactive map displays the locations of games industry representatives in Germany operating in the areas of production, media, the public sector, and education and training.


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