Are you planning to move to Berlin? Or did you just move to Germany’s capital? In this overview, you will find many useful information and links for a smooth start.


Residence permit

If you want to stay in Berlin permanently, there are some things to consider. Here you can find information about what you need, how to apply and where to get help to fill in the forms if needed.


Whether or not you need a visa depends on your home country. Here you can find information and useful links on this topic.

Finding accommodation

If you are looking for an apartment or house in Berlin, you can choose from twelve different boroughs and a variety of housing options. Find out more about it!

Districts & neighbourhoods

Berlin is home to twelve “cities”: twelve districts with twelve different mentalities that complement each other well. Here you can get an overview.

Family in Berlin

No matter whether young or old - Berlin is a family-friendly city. The offspring and a safe family life are a priority in Berlin.

Learning German

You have the ambition to learn German? Then it is a good thing you are in Berlin because the city offers a wide range of learning opportunities.

Login residence

When you are new in Berlin, your next step is to register your place of residence with the local authorities (Bürgeramter). Here you can find more information about it.