First funding session of Medienboard gives 1.7 million Euros for 11 games, XR and series projects

In its first funding session of the year, the MBB's New Media Funding supports 11 projects from the fields of games, XR games and serial formats with a total of 1.7 million Euros. The highest sum, 500,000 Euros, goes to the Berlin studio Thoughtfish for its XR game "Good & Evil". Paintbucket Games will be supported with 240,000 Euros for the rogue-life sim "Silicon Sunk", but up-and-coming projects such as "Tiny Train Adventures" by TOUTOU Interactive (HTW Berlin) are also among those receiving funding.

Silicon Sunk by Paintbucket Games
240.000 Euros Production funding
A rogue-life sim in which players take on the role of a machine therapist at the end of the 21st century. Your task is to save sentient robots from extinction and create a better place in this dystopian future.

Heir to the Throne by Nightshift Game Development
200,000 Euros Production funding
An action RPG with hack'n'slay and rogue-lite elements, in which players go on a cooperative monster hunt to give their souls eternal rest and save heaven itself.

Walpurgis by Night alb
160,000 Euros Development and production funding
A card game with a dark medieval setting in which players take on the role of a witch and have to decide whether they want to side with their village or the dark forces.

All Hands by Deep Sky
75,000 Euros Development funding
A couch co-op game in which players explore an open solarpunk world and embark on journeys together while learning to master the use of their boat and the wind.

Tiny Train Adventures by TOUTOU Interactive
55.000 Euros Production funding
A cozy exploration game in which players build their own mountain train and experience small adventures.

Good & Evil by Thoughtfish
500,000 Euros  Development and production funding
In the single-player God game, players in VR have the choice between good and evil, benevolence and tyranny. The aim is to turn tribes into loyal followers, use relics and magic powers, and train a companion.

February 2024