Berlin-Brandenburg Reception at gamescom 2023

WHEN: August 23, 1 - 2:30 pm

WHERE: Berlin-Brandenburg Booth in the Business Area, Pavilion C061g / D070g

On the first day of gamescom, August 23 at 1pm, medianet berlinbrandenburg e.V. welcomes you to their Berlin-Brandenburg Reception at their booth in the Business Area on behalf of all co-exhibitors and partners.  

The reception will mark the official opening of the pavilion with welcoming words by State Secretary Michael Biel and Jeannine Koch, CEO of medianet. For the second time, medianet will partner up with a guest region for the reception. They will cooperate with Institut fran├žais Germany, which is thrilled to present the first edition of its tailor-made Women making Games programme. 

Together they celebrate this collaboration with an exquisite fusion of traditional Berlin specialties and French delicacies. 

You can register for the Reception here: