Next round of the New-Media-Funding from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

With more than a million Euro, the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg has funded 15 different projects, such as series, games and VR-projects. More than half of the funding goes to junior teams.

With this round, the New-Media-Funding from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, chose 15 different projects from the capital region. Next to the series “Rummelsbucht” (eitelsonnenschein, 40.000 Euro), “der thermale widerstand” (Ohne Falsch Film Freistühler & Wallochny, 47.000 Euro), „Viral“ (gebrüder beetz filmproduktion, 40.000 Euro), „Hijab Bitches“ (Sukaya Films, 38.000 Euro) and „Papaya und Rüben“ (Schuldenberg Films, 25.000 Euro), most of the money will go to games projects:

The survival base builder “Space Remnants (AT)” from Second Peak Interactive will get 110.000 Euro.

The horror game “Ad Infinitum” from Hekate will get the biggest funding of 200.000 Euro.

Hedera” from Emberstone Entertainment, a PC game inspired by the mythology of the Spreewald and the central European culture, will get a funding of 150.000 Euro.

The build-up strategy and puzzle game “Dorfromantik” from Toukana Interactive will get a funding of 110.000 Euro.

With “Holodeck”, an immersive and interactive gaming cube for two teams with 20 players, another gaming project will get a funding of 200.000 Euro. Holodeck is made by Tamschick Media+Space.

The District VR” from Proof of Taste will get a funding of 60.000 Euro to help them create a virtual reality space with multiple environments for parties and live events.

Next to those projects the docu/fiction “Der Schulbus” (Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, 12.500 Euro), the app “Karli & Kasimir” (Filmuniversität Konrad Wolf, 11.000 Euro) for sexual education, the interactive app “Secret in a bottle” (Filmuniversität Konrad Wolf, 12.000 Euro) and the online talk show “Tomorrow TV” (Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin, 11.000 Euro) will get fundings as well.

Here you can find an overview as PDF.

The next deadline for submissions:

Canada Germany Digital Media Incentive: 1. September 2020
Innovative Audiovisuelle Inhalte und Serielle Formate: 6. Oktober 2020