Kolibri Games will switch to permanent remote work

The Corona pandemic brought many changes to companies and most of the gaming industry switched to remote work for their employees. For Kolibri Games it worked so well that they have decided to let their employees choose from where they want to work in the future.

For Kolibri Games, a young Berlin-based mobile game studio with more than 100 employees, the switch to remote work was more successful than expected. After a review of the first weeks of quarantine measures, the effectiveness of the employees was on the same level than before. In addition employee satisfaction even went up.

As conclusion from this, Kolibri Games will start a one-year long test and switch to the “4+1 flex system”, which means, that their employees can decide four days per week, if they want to work from home or from the office. Once per week there will be a team day, on which everybody will meet up in the office. Those days will be used for face-to-face meetings.

The new system will start in September 2020, until then all employees will be equipped with everything they need to work remotely.

The future will show if this system will be part of the “new normal” we all have to face since the start of the pandemic and if more companies will let their employees decide from where they want to work – or some companies even will decide to get rid of big offices and will hire people directly for remote work.


The original news can be found in German at GamesWirtschaft.de.