The Rabbit - an indie game residency program

The Rabbit is a one-month games developers’ residency and a unique opportunity to go down the rabbit hole and develop immersive games right in the heart of Brandenburg at the Coconat.

The residency is free for participants, plus travel costs to ensure a balanced mix of local and international indie developers. During the one-month residency, developers work on the games of their dreams. Look forward to workshopsskill-sharestesters, and  inspirational excursions whilst living with a game-making community of 15 developers at Coconat, teams of up to 4 can apply.


  • Games should be outside of concept phase, ideally teams are working on the prototype or already in production of the game.
  • Detailed project proposal, game and team intro and summary of you and your team for game-related work to be completed over the course of the residency.
  • Projects should be close to publisher pitch, already signed teams will also be considered.

Apply until January 8th here.

More information here.