medianet GAMES International introduces Hekate

WHEN: Feb 22, 2024 - 5 pm


Hekate is the Greek goddess of magic and the guardian of the gates between worlds. What a fitting name for the indie studio founded in Berlin in 2019, which aims to offer its players thought-provoking nightmares that they won't forget.

Not many indie studios start their career with a horror game set during the First World War. Even fewer teams plunge into themes such as pain, despair and corruption right from the start. Hekate is one of these "one in a million" who, with their debut title Ad Infinitum, have set themselves the goal of creating an unique gaming experience that features state of the art audio-visual presentations, engaging gameplay, and captivating narratives with deep worldbuilding.  

As part of our medianet GAMES International - Transatlantic project, AndrĂ© Bernhardt from IndieAdvisor conducts an entertaining online interview with CEO, Creative Lead and Audio Director Lukas Deuschel, in which they discuss the founding of the studio and the development of Ad Infinitum.   

The event will be held in English. Register here