The Backbone of the Esports Data Industry

Martin Dachselt, Founder & CEO, Bayes Esports Solutions

Martin, you are very experienced in building and accelerating startups. What made you found Bayes Esports Solutions?

The opportunity came when I was working as CTO for DOJO Madness. Since 2015 we had a cooperation with Sportradar, the world's largest sports data service provider. In 2018 both companies decided to create a joint venture. We wanted to bundle all esports data services. I decided to take this huge opportunity and build our new start-up called Bayes Esports Solutions. Because I was very enthusiastic about the esports sector and really wanted to help solving the urgent industry problems. In February this year we started Bayes and already in September we were able to launch the first part of my vision: BEDEX, the World's First Independent Esports Data Marketplace for In-Game Data.

We would love to hear more about Bayes Esports Solutions. What vision do you pursue with it?

Our vision is that Bayes will be the backbone of the esports data industry. The esports data market is very fragmented. Only a part of the professional esports data is available for people who want to buy it – and often locked in exclusive contracts. With BEDEX we want to solve this problem. Game publishers and tournament organizers have the possibility to distribute and monetize their data hassle-free. On the other side, everybody who needs access to the data finds a central place where you can purchase and access the data. Before BEDEX the data users had to implement a large number of protocols and formats to retrieve data, some had 50 integrations for CS:GO.

Can you tell us something about the target group of your product and how do the solutions of Bayes serve the client?

Bayes solves real issues that esports organizers and teams, media and betting companies are facing every day. E.g. through its partnership with Riot, game data from League of Legends esports competitions will be transformed into a common format and delivered to media customers and betting companies. This partnership will increase access to League of Legends esports data, enabling the community and third-party operators to create a wide array of services, bolstering the sport.

Why did you choose Berlin as the base for your company?

DOJO Madness was located in Berlin. That made it a very natural choice. Besides, Berlin is a great place to attract talents from all over the world. It’s a very spacy city, offers a lot of attractions which are loved by young people. And even if prices are increasing Berlin is still on a moderate level compared to London. And what I like best is that the capital is very open minded.

Last but not least a little glimpse into the future: Where do you see Bayes in five years? What are the next exciting steps?

Bayes will have on its marketplace 80 percent of all professional esports matches. BEDEX will be the central hub for esports data.


Thank you, Martin!