Kolibri Games in Berlin

Janosch Sadowski

In 2017, Kolibri Games moved from Karlsruhe to Berlin. What was the reasoning behind the decision to move?

We owe Karlsruhe a lot, but we feel that we only can take the next step for our company in Berlin. It’s mostly in terms of growth – since we’re here, it’s a lot easier to find qualified staff. Our plan for this year is to expand from 50 team members to 100 and that’s something that is not possible everywhere in Germany.


Many startups don’t make it – Kolibri Games, on the other hand, is just two years old and already generates revenue amounting to millions of euros. What’s your secret?

We have consistently followed a bunch of key principles for our company: we are very player-oriented, we act iteratively because we don’t believe we know everything already. Our company has a very result-oriented culture and our team members are given responsibilities early on.


In your opinion, what is Berlin’s greatest strength as a games industry location? How does Kolibri Games profit from this quality?

Berlin is a great city and it’s attractive for workers from Germany and abroad. It makes recruiting developers a lot easier for us. The fact that there is an active development scene with many interesting events doesn’t hurt, either.


What are your hopes for Kolibri Games’ future in Berlin?

We have ambitious plans: in the next few years we want to expand the company and put ourselves on the international map of leading mobile games development studios.


Imagine a Berlin-inspired game – what would it be like?

Well, a Berlin strategy game about urban development would surely be interesting. Perhaps you could even complete the construction of an airport in it...