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Thomas Dlugaiczyk

As a games industry veteran and founder of private school GAMES ACADEMY Thomas Dlugaiczyk is celebrating his 25th industry anniversary in 2018. A personal reflection in his own words:

“This year marks my industry anniversary – 25 years working in the games industry (1993 – 2018); 1993- ́94 – journalist and media educationalist; 1994 - ́98 USK, the German entertainment software self-regulation body – its inception and classification system and helming the organization. Since 2000: GAMES ACADEMY (with 1,200 young people educated)... And a few other things.

I am very grateful to the games industry as I had a real chance for advancement here as an East-Berliner which would have been impossible to have in other segments of society. Then we had to push through time and again: against massive prejudice, tough competitors from other sectors of media and from politics. You are doing really well today. Those 25 years have passed quickly. I'm excited to see what else is going to happen.”

Furthermore during the course of this year, GAMES ACADEMY's educational operation (Berlin and Frankfurt a.M.) will be transferred to nonprofit companies. Thomas Dlugaiczyk gives the following reasons: “The weight of expenditure for a good and successful education in games cannot and should not be put on the shoulders of those learning indefinitely. Industry and regions are profiting in particular from good talent coming from vocational education, there's where responsibility should be accepted now.” Restructuring will clear the way for wide support for the mission of GAMES ACADEMY, to provide great-quality education for the growing market of entertainment software.



Founder of successful and lasting enterprises such as the GAMES ACADEMY (1999), Europe’s first and foremost educational and training institution for computer game developers and co-founder of USK, German entertainment software rating agency (1994). Co-founder and Senior Educational Officer GAMES ACADEMY VANCOUVER INC., VANCOUVER, CANADA since 2010.



GAMES ACADEMY is Europe’s first and most prominent specialist college for computer and video game development. Since 2000 they focus on the professional education of qualified employees, helping them to go on and find positions in the industry.

The education model is tailored to the students’ needs and wants as well as their capabilities and previously acquired knowledge. From the 2-week trial lessons to 2-years program students are able to choose the course program that fits their needs best. Training projects created at the GAMES ACADEMY have earned a great deal of recognition.

GAMES ACADEMY takes an active part in furthering the industry’s development in German-speaking countries. More than 150 private lecturers, mostly of them professional game developers, currently teach at Games Academy, enabling the institution to guarantee practically-oriented education. This qualitative advantage, along with the extensive industry contacts, has helped graduates finding employment in Europe’s most renowned game studios.


Our Programs are Game Design | Digital Art | Game Programming | Game Production | UX/UI Gamification Design

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