Ares Tech GmbH

Jasmine Zhang

In early 2018, ares tech was founded in Berlin. You as a Co-Founder and the ares Founder and CEO, Jack Li, are both from China. Would you tell us why you chose Berlin as the city to set up ares tech?

I moved from London to Berlin in 2015, with a professional background in financial services and consulting industry. My initial plan was to continue working in investment banking, but Berlin’s open, lively Startup scene caught my heart, attracting me into different international accelerator programs since then. Everyday I am amazed by so many different exciting events and enjoying getting to know smart individuals. 

My business partner, Founder and CEO of ares tech, Jack Li, used to be a high-level management in one of the biggest internet companies in China, He came to Berlin some years ago, attracted by Berlin’s prospering tech innovation scene and its beautiful and clean environment, its open and international culture, relatively low living expenses, the free education for children (he has two lovely toddler daughters) and many other benefits. On top of that, he really likes Club-Mate, consuming at least 2 bottles a day!

When we decided to set up ares tech, it so happened that Chinese capitals started to seek investment opportunities all over the world to take a lead in the blockchain technology. So it was a perfect match of opportunities.

What is ares tech? What products and services do you offer?

Ares tech is a new generation of scalable blockchain social gaming network with zero commission or fee for game developers and gamers. 

Ares tech produces three main products: ares suite, ares arena and ares connect. Ares suite is a friendly all-in-one solution for game developers to develop blockchain games, allowing cross-chain collaborations; ares arena is the first free social gaming platform Dapp, easily engaging gamers in blockchain social game competition with unduplicable IP and encrypted assets that are transferable
between games; ares connect is an ecosystem providing business partners with global monetization opportunities and helping the game developers to upgrade indie games to profitable IP.

In your opinion, what are Berlin’s strengths as a blockchain and games industry location, cultural, talent, market and capital wise? How does ares tech profit from these qualities?

Berlin is undoubtedly one of the leaders of blockchain and gaming technologies in Europe. It is the most attractive city to international talents in Germany, and to many, in Europe. The robust economy of Germany in the past years has provided a promising market, while international capitals are flushing into Berlin, making it the fastest growing startup center in Europe.

Ares tech can benefit immensely from this open culture and fast-growing international talent pool, while contributing to the business environment here with its own business model and international resources.

What does ares tech aims at achieving, starting from Berlin?

Ares aims at growing into a leading network of blockchain games in the world, starting from Berlin, extending to Europe, US, and Asia. Building a global community of game developers, gamers and business partnership, it also strives to create a transparent, fun, healthy and friendly world in the formerly secretive and inscrutable blockchain industry.


Thank you Jasmine!