Kick-Off for Beat’em Hub

When: October 10th 2021, 2 p.m. CET

Where: An der Wuhlheide 241, 12459 Berlin


Organized by Fraktion Nimmersatt, NerdistanTV, Quiz Night Show and Dexai Arts, Beat’em Hub is a local network and gaming hub especially for the Berlin gamer and game-developer community, not only through the usual digital channels, but also as a physical event.

Located in Wuhlheide (Berlin) on the premises of the governmentally funded project Brache 09, this event is designed to encourage interaction between players (professional and amateur) and developers as a way to connect, have fun, generate ideas and foster creativity.

The event includes not only video gaming experiences such as VR-Games, retro gaming machines and consoles as well as a stage with a projector and screen for live video game tournaments/shows and interactive light/laser projections but also features areas for card games, role playing games, pen and paper sessions and retro pinball machines. Furthermore, a networking space for game-developers and their creations will be provided.

Rounded of by a gaming quiz (Quiz Night Show), music and a barbecue and street food area, Beat’em Hub is set to be a haven and meeting-point for gamers and game-developers alike.

The entry is free, donations are welcome. The 3G-rule is in place indoors and outdoors.