Games Ground - Berlin Gaming Festival

WHEN: Nov 9 - 11

WHERE: Alte Münze

Games Ground itself does not declare its event as an ordinary gaming trade show or gaming conference: the Games Ground will cover a variety of topics related to gaming. With a special focus on inclusivity, diversity and innovation, the festival will reflect a wide spectrum of gaming culture and industry, making it equally interesting for gaming fans, newcomers and industry members. On 14.04.2023, the concept for Games Ground won as one of the best event concepts in the "Innovative Formats" competition for the benefit of Berlin's creative and media industries by Projekt Zukunft and the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises. This concept is based on an innovative mix of B2B and B2C formats: community-oriented content such as interactive booths, tournaments in the form of stage shows and cosplay content, as well as business formats such as workshops, panels and matchmaking events all have an equal place at the three-day festival. Many other program items are currently being planned.
Games Ground is a new company resulting from the collaboration of several companies in the gaming and event industry. NERDIC, BEAT EM HUB, NERDISTAN, GAMES ACADEMY and BERGEVENT henceforth unite in Games Ground their expertise, their passion to create unique projects. The team behind Games Ground shares the vision of creating an event that connects the local gaming community and supports the scene in both its development and growth. The goal is to make Berlin one of the leading locations for gaming in Europe.

More information coming soon.