Capital city games benefit from Medienboard funding: higher funding amounts, successful projects, awards and nominations

Games from Berlin benefit a lot from Medienboard funding: Higher funding amount, successful projects, awards and nominations.

More funding than ever for computer games and innovative audiovisual content as well as record repayments from the industry: The funding volume for innovative audiovisual content reaches an all-time high for the year 2020! For the first time, over 3 million euros in funding was awarded – for 44 games as well as multi-platform, virtual and augmented reality projects. This is more than 1 million euros more than in the previous year, an increase of around 50%. 8 games repaid their funding, which meant a total of half a million euros more for the funding pot.

And MBB-funded games are award-worthy: 8 nominations for 5 games at the German Computer Game Awards 2021 – including “Best German Game” – were announced today. There are a total of 12 nominations for games from Berlin-Brandenburg. “Another excellent record! Games from the capital region are successful and the progressive professionalisation of our studios is becoming increasingly clear,” stated Helge Jürgens, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg managing director for new media funding. “Indie games are gaining popularity throughout Germany, and Berlin studios are also expanding, along with their project budgets. The number of applications has increased significantly despite the coronavirus pandemic. In the long term, higher funding for larger project volumes is also about securing and expanding jobs in Berlin-Brandenburg as a games location.”

Stated Christian Gaebler, Head of the Berlin Senate Chancellery: “We are pleased about the excellent developments of the games industry in the capital. Berlin is already the city with the most games companies in Germany. Numerous awards, commercially successful games, growing companies and the increasing visibility of games from the capital region are proof of the great importance of Berlin as a games location. Medienboard makes an important contribution to this – and together we want to continue to support the industry and continue the successful growth.”

New media funding innovative audiovisual content 2020:

    content funding games, multi-platform, VR, AR: 3,077,500 euros

    Event funding games, multi-platform, VR and AR: 932,500 euros

// Total sum: 4,010,000 euros

    Regional effect content funding games, multi-platform, VR, AR: 274%

Games from the capital region are distinguished: prizes and nominations

The positive effects of games funding on games development in Berlin are particularly evident when it comes to awards: Numerous titles received the most important German prizes and also scored internationally. At the German Computer Game Awards 2020, games from Berlin-Brandenburg topped the list of winners ahead of all other federal states. “Sea of Solitude” (Jo-Mei Games), “Lonely Mountains: Downhill” (Megagon Industries) and “Through the Darkest of Times” (Paintbucket Games) received a German Computer Game Award last year. “Sea of Solitude” won the prize in the category “Most Significant Impact” at the “Games For Change Award” (New York, USA). In total, #mbbfunded games have received 32 nominations and 12 awards at the DCP in the last 5 years.

German Computer Game Awards 2021: 5 MBB-funded games will enter the race with 8 nominations for the coveted trophy, which will once again be awarded in the capital this year:


  • Best German Game: Cloudpunk (ION LANDS)
  • Best family game: Curious Expedition 2 (Maschinen-Mensch)
  • Best Family game: Dorfromantik (“Village Romance”, Toukana Interactive)
  • Best Family game: El Hijo – A Wild West Tale (Honig Studios)
  • Young Talent Awards – Best Debut: Dorfromantik (“Village Romance”, Toukana Interactive)
  • Best Game World and Aesthetics: Cloudpunk (ION LANDS)
  • Best Game Design: Dorfromantik (“Village Romance”, Toukana Interactive)
  • Best Mobile Game: About Love, Hate And The Other Ones 2 (Black Pants)


Made in Berlin-Brandenburg:

  • Best Game World and Aesthetics: Penko Park (Ghostbutter)
  • Best Serious Game: Hidden Codes (Playing History)
  • Best Expert Game: Suzerain (Torpor Games)
  • Young Talent Awards – Best Prototype:  Ampere (Laura Brosi, Mathieu Hentschel, Christopher Meier, Dave von Felten, student project as part of the Game Design course at HTW Berlin)


Host Berlin: German Computer Game Awards 2021 in the German games capital

In 2021, the German Computer Game Awards (DCP) will once again be held in Berlin. This year, 351 entries are competing for awards and prize money totalling 790,000 euros. Medienboard has been sponsoring the awards since 2010, making this year the 7th time.

Cheques are back: successful projects and economic impact

Games are an important economic factor for the region. Berlin is the city with the most games companies in Germany. Since 2017/18, the capital has also seen the strongest growth in employees, especially due to big players such as Ubisoft and Kolibri Games. In terms of turnover, Berlin is in 4th place in a nationwide comparison and the capital is also at the forefront of international locations (“Study on the Games Industry 2018,19,20” game e.V.). With a regional effect of 274%, every euro of funding for innovative audiovisual content flows back into the region almost 3-fold.

The financial success of the funding is also reflected in increased repayments: 7 companies have repaid their funding for 8 games: Mooneye Studios 150,000 euros for “Lost Ember”, btf 80,000 euros for “Trüberbrook”, Digidized 70,000 euros for “Die Burgen von Burgund” (“The Castles of Burgundy”), ION LANDS 55,000 euros for “Cloudpunk” and 40,000 euros for “Phoning Home”, Megagon Industries 50,000 euros for “Lonely Mountains: Downhill”, Pokoko Studios 29,000 euros for “Dino Bash” and Life Action Games 25,000 euros for “Operation X”. In total, half a million euros in funding was repaid.

Indie games on the upswing: small teams, great success

Indie games are becoming more and more popular among German gamers; one in four has already bought an indie game, reported game, The German Games Industry Association, in February. More and more indie games are being produced in Germany. “This also shows the great potential for Berlin as a games location, because the capital is explicitly characterised by small and medium-sized studios,” stated Helge Jürgens. Numerous games from this vibrant indie scene have become big hits, including many Medienboard-funded titles: “Sea of Solitude”, “Curious Expedition”, “Lonely Mountains: Downhill”, “Through the Darkest of Times” or “Trüberbrook”.

Games from Berlin-Brandenburg: successes in 2020, releases and outlook 2021 (selection)

2020 successes: ++ Through the Darkest of Times (Paintbucket Games): “Best Serious Game” German Computer Game Award 2020, nomination (remunerated) for “Best German Game” German Computer Game Award 2020, “Best Indie Game” and “Best Story” German Developer Award 2020, PC Games: “An important piece of art, a must play” ++ Sea of Solitude (Jo-Mei Games): “Best Game World and Aesthetics” German Computer Game Award 2020, nomination (remunerated) for “Best German Game” German Computer Game Award 2020, EA Original, ZEIT Online: “SoS tells of a monster called loneliness – and became a global success!” ++ Lost Ember (Mooneye Studios): “2nd place Best Newcomer Concept” German Computer Game Award 2016, Kickstarter hit: 7,734 supporters contributed 326,103 euros to make this project a reality ++ Lonely Mountains: Downhill (Megagon Industries): “Best Innovation and Technology” German Computer Game Award 2020, “Best Indie Game” German Computer Game Award 2019, Kickstarter hit: 1,621 supporters contributed 45,042 euros to make this project a reality.