Instinct3: Agency group opens for investors

The Spandau-based influencer marketing specialists from Instinct3 want to expand - and are actively looking for new partners to do so.

There are now four companies under the umbrella of I3 Holding GmbH, based in Spandau:

  • the influencer agency Instinct3 GmbH, which markets YouTube and Twitch stars such as HandOfBlood or Gnu, among others
  • the e-sports club Eintracht Spandau
  • the fan merchandise subsidiary BRAV3
  • and Z1MT GmbH


For further expansion, the company not only wants to expand its influencer inventory and recruit additional staff, but also open itself up to investors and thus expand the agency group.

The potential new partners are to be enabled to invest in the overarching Instinct3 holding company, but also in subsidiaries or the establishment of future 'ventures'. Strategic investments are conceivable, but also a 'pooling' of several business angels.

The timetable provides for potential interested parties to come forward in February, which will then lead to concrete negotiations in the second quarter. The process is expected to be completed in the fall of 2023.

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February 2023